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Application Eligibility Requirements

The application window for 2023-2024 is CLOSED for the Class of 2024. Current Class of 2024 applicants - we will be communicating with you via email so please ensure that your contact info is up to date. 

1.  Applicant must have attended a comprehensive WASC Accredited high school through the Paradise Unified School District for the full term of his/her sophomore or junior year if his/her senior year is to be spent off campus.

WASC Accredited high schools through the Paradise Unified School District include the following:

  • Paradise High School

  • Paradise Adventist Academy

  • Paradise E-Learning Charter Academy

  • Hometech Charter School

2. Applicant must be a graduating senior from a WASC accredited high school, who has been enrolled at his/her respective high school for at least 2 years and has attended class on campus for at least 1 full year.​

3. Applicant must have a minimum of a College Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 3.80 in his/her last five semesters of high school (sophomore, junior and first semester of senior year).

4.  Application must be submitted online by the deadline of Friday, MARCH 8 2024 by 11:59:59 PM. Submissions at or after 12:00:00 AM on Saturday, MARCH 9, 2024 will not be accepted.  All communication with applicants will be with the Board and the student directly via email so it is imperative that the applicant's email address is valid and accurate.

5. If invited for an interview, applicant MUST attend an in person interview with the PSF Board of Directors in March/April 2023 (Date and Time TBD ; Interview invitation will be sent via email).  No Exceptions.  

Award Process


1. Four-year (renewable) scholarships shall be awarded to the top student applicants who attain the highest scores based on the application, essay & interview.

2. Determination of Number and Amounts of Scholarships

  • The total number of applicants accepted each year as well as amount of each scholarship will be determined by the Board of Directors at the January meeting based on the total dollar amount available to be awarded (see Standing Rules, Section A.2.II.a.)

  • The cut-off for eligibility to receive an award shall be determined by College Grade Point Average (CGPA)


3. Announcement of Scholarships

  • A representative of the Board will announce the scholarship recipients by May 30th of the calendar year .



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