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Paradise eLearning Charter Academy

Paradise eLearning Academy is a WASC-accredited online independent study program located on the Paradise Scholarship High School Campus.  Student athletes, actors, musicians, artists, and others often have requirements and commitments that may conflict with a traditional school schedule.  Students attending the eLearning Academy can adapt their learning schedules so they can meet both their academic and outside commitments, doing schoolwork when it works best for them.  With a laptop and an internet signal, online students can study anywhere.  


Online learning presents a unique opportunity for students seeking alternate pathways to a high school diploma. A combination of comprehensive and mastery-based curriculum, high expectations, access to technology, personalized instructional support, guidance  and motivation from experienced teachers, and a well-conceived virtual education program can serve the unique needs of students.

Online students at eLearning Academy may also participate in athletics, student activities, and elective and specialized classes at Paradise High School.

To learn more, visit Paradise e-Learning Charter.

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