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Eligibility Guidelines & Requirements for the Elizabeth Nix, Paul Combs, and Alan Garber Four-year Renewable Scholarships


  1. The award recipient must be planning a full-time (12 units or more) continuous four-year program.

  2. The award recipients will be selected by the Foundation based on their application, essay, and performance during an interview.

  3. To qualify for the subsequent term’s award, the award recipient must furnish an official transcript to the Paradise Scholarship Foundation as soon as possible after  each eligible term (semester or quarter) ends. 

  4. The award recipient must maintain a cumulative grade point average (G.P.A.) of 3.0 or above each semester or quarter to qualify for the next term’s award.  If the  awardee’s G.P.A. should drop below 3.0 for any one term, the circumstances shall be reviewed by the Foundation to determine if the award shall continue. 

  5. The awardee must remain enrolled in college for each consecutive term for a full four years.

  6. The first installment of the award will be presented to the award recipient at the  Awards Presentation (i.e. School’s Awards Night, Graduation, etc).  The remaining funds will be sent to the student directly once a year (each of three installments for  the remaining three years of the student’s 4 year program). The award cannot be sent to the student until the Foundation has received his/her official transcript. The Foundation will not provide any reminders to the award recipient to furnish a transcript.  It is the responsibility of the student to send his/her transcript on time and to insure that the Foundation has accurate and an up to date mailing address and contact information.  

  7. All communication will be between the Foundation and the student directly via email. The Board will not be communicating with parents.  Student must contact the Foundation via email if any contact info has changed.  If the Foundation receives no response from student after multiple attempts in communication, the award status may be in jeopardy and will be left to the discretion of the Foundation.  

  8. The amount and number of the scholarships will be determined by the Foundation each year as new scholarships are awarded.  Once awarded, the scholarships will remain the same amount each year for the full four years. 

  9. Applicant must have attended a comprehensive WASC Accredited high school for the full term of his/her sophomore or junior year if his/her senior year is to be spent off campus.

  10. Student must be a graduating senior from a high school who has been enrolled at his/her respective high school for at least two years and has attended class on campus for at least one full year.

  11. Applicant must have a minimum College Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 3.80 in his/her last five semesters of high school (sophomore, junior and first semester of senior year).

  12. Student applications and essays must be submitted to the Foundation no later than the deadline date which is to be set each fiscal year by the Foundation.


For all APPLICATION and INTERVIEW inquiries:


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